FASHION: Ranking Serena's 18 Grand Slam winning outfits

I am no fashionista, so this is actually the first fashion related post I've ever done on my blog.

Serena Williams just captured her 18th grand slam title, and in each of those slams and the 38 other slams she's contest but not won she has always tried to look her best. She's rocked some of the most memorable tennis outfits in history!

But which of her 18 winning slam outfits was her best look overall, taking into count her dress (or bodysuit), hair and accessories? I thought it was my duty to offer my own views of Serena's best slams according to fashion!

Serena won her first slam at age 17 while she was a Puma girl (I miss those days!) and won her last at age 32 mere weeks ago. She's been with Nike since late 2003.

So here's my attempt to rank all Serena's slam winning outfits. Do you agree? Be sure to vote in the best and worst polls and add your comments below!

#18 - 2005 Australian Open (Slam #7)


I do like Serena in yellow, but this Nike kit was weird and I did not love Serena's reddish hair. What was that neck adornment meant to be? It looks like a jockstrap. And is that an apron in the front? What in the world Nike.

#17 - 2009 Wimbledon (Grand Slam #11)

This was just a boring dress. And the big blazer she wore over it did nothing for her. Dislike.

#16 - 2002 Wimbledon (Grand Slam #3)

Puma merely changed Serena's black French Open dress to white and I liked it less in white. Also think her roots were a bit overdue so a headband of some kind might have made the outfit less drab.

#15 - 2007 Australian Open (Grand Slam #8)

I know this is one of Serena's best slams but I always hated the lime dress and those huge earrings. The lines on the dress were unnecessary to me.

#14 - 2013 US Open (Grand Slam #17)

Serena's hair and makeup were top-notch at the 2013 US Open, and I love the shade of pink for the top half of Serena's dress but this awful skirt was just...awful. It was so short and flimsy so in the windy Ashe Stadium we saw more of her grey shorts than we did the skirt.

#13 - 2009 Australian Open (Grand Slam #10)

The blue really popped and I liked the yellow accents. I like Serena so much better with longer hair so looking at this look overall I can't really get into the shorter curls, but loved the heart necklace.

#12 - 2010 Australian Open (Grand Slam #12)

It's funny to look back to this pic, which is less than 5 years ago, and notice that Serena is so much fitter than she was before her health scares. I liked the gold color of this dress tho and thought it simple but nice. It helps that she wore this dress while ending the comeback hopes of Henin. Good times.

#11 - French Open 2003 (Grand Slam #2)

We just don't see Serena in black enough but I always loved this black and gold Puma dress. Still didn't care for her hair but this dress was fantastic.

#10 - 2003 Wimbledon (Grand Slam #6)

Puma didn't mix things up much for Serena for Wimbledon, as this outfit wasn't far off from her 2003 Australian Open attire. But that color combo still worked great and I loved the belt. The hoop earrings were big but complemented the outfit well.

#9 - 2014 US Open (Grand Slam #18)

This leopard print dress grew on me, but definitely liked it better in the white she won her 18th slam in. The pink accessories were perfect (need to find me some of those wristbands). I'd be happy if she changed her hair as the frizzy blonde is the only thing I didn't like about her most recent slam look.

#8 - 2008 US Open (Grand Slam #9)

Serena in red. This shade of red just popped and just seeing it reminds me of the sheer joy when Serena beat Jankovic to win this title. I wish the headband wasn't quite so thick but otherwise this was a winner.

#7 - 1999 US Open (Grand Slam #1)

The only Serena slam with beads. I loved this Puma dress - the light yellow, the length of the dress was great. I thought the big gold necklace was a bit much but overall this was a great look for the 17-year old.

#6 - Wimbledon 2012 (Grand Slam #14)

I loved the purple accessories and thought this was her second-best Wimbledon look. The v-neck cut was cute and again just loved the 2012 summer hair Serena was rocking.

#5 - 2013 US Open (Grand Slam #15)

This was great dress, and she wore a pink version for the day matches but I liked this better. The dark blue and yellow went great together and I loved the big hair she was rocking in 2012).

#4- 2002 US Open (Grand Slam #4)

The Catsuit. Puma you are so missed. This was actually my first live Serena - and wow.  What can you say about this outfit? It was AMAZING. Loved the light link headband which is in this pic is hiding Serena's long blonde locks.

#3 - 2003 Australian Open (Grand Slam #5)

I loved the bright orange and white Puma had for Serena in Melbourne when she achieved the Serena Slam. Her jewelry was simple and thought her hair with the white headband kept the whole look very clean. The glittery strap was a great touch and loved the orange belt.

#2 - 2013 French Open (Grand Slam #16)

Who would have thought navy blue and a tangerine orange would look so good? This was such a great "Sweet 16" dress for Serena. And the hair was rocking!

#1 - 2010 Wimbledon (Grand Slam #13)


My top dress is Serena's best Wimbledon look ever for me, and she coined this outfit "strawberries and cream." I loved the cute ruffles around the skirt and her hair looked great with the tiny headband keeping her naturally darker hair in place. Just loved this and even didn't hate the little warm-up jacket she wore over it. She even rocked red shorts under the dress. Perfection.

So what's your vote? What is Serena's best and worst Grand Slam winning outfits?


  1. My favourite has always been that 2009 Australian Open dress. I loved the short hair and the dress fit her to perfection. It helped that it was the dress that was featured when she was in EA Games

  2. That 2005 Aus Open dress was … interesting. Nike was in an experimental phase with Serena in those early years. Remember that weird solar look they gave her in 04 Miami? Also, the crop top 04 French, the denim 04 USO and the greek goddess of 04 Wimbledon. The 05 Aus ensemble was actually a "bib" attached to a skirt. I remember in the fourth round vs. Petrova, she unhooked it from her neck after she lost the 2nd set and the whole skirt came off in one swoop. Also the 2009 Wimbledon look I think was toned down to blahness because she wanted to highlight the trench coat that came along with it.

    1. Late response but yes 2004 was a fun year. I don't remember that Petrova match! I think Nike hasn't done great for Serena while she's been on this slam streak - the Aussie Open is an exception. Let's hope for better at the US Open!