Monday in Eastbourne

I'm sunburnt and full from a big Italian feed in by far the restaurant enjoyed by most tennis players in Eastbourne. What a great first full day here.

I only had a grounds pass today as that's where the best action is so early in the tourney. I didn't watch any match in its entirety but instead floating from one court to another. With players practicing, doing press and walking around the grounds there was just do much to see. 

It was a rainy start causing a brief delay but it turned into a rather hot day. I'm sporting various burned spots so must do better tomorrow. 

One recurring feeling I have here is how much it feels like we are invading the players' personal space. Eastbourne is such a small tourney the players are just everywhere. Today I saw every level of player swarmed by kids, watching other matches, doing their pre-match routines in the open green spaces, eating etc. 

Here are some pics from today's action:

Til tomorrow! 

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