Tennis regrets

Having attended a pretty significant number of tennis tournaments around the world, I know I have lived a charmed tennis fan life. But I prioritize, and most of my travel involves a tennis tourney. I usually go by myself so making a last minute decision tends to only have consequences (and opportunities) for moi.

Last year, despite not working full-time I managed to get to all four grand slams plus the WTF and Davis Cup final. I had the time off due to my contract work situation (and inability to find a full-time job) and could stretch my funds as I had friends and family to stay with in England and France. In addition, I was living a quiet, cheap life to save money for my travels (and of yeah my parents paid for my flights to the US Open).

I hate having regrets. Though it's part of life, I just prefer to just leap and deal with any consequences later. So I normally jump any time it seems likely I can get to a tennis tourney. But it hasn't always been this way, and I was thinking recently about my tennis regrets. Here are a few:

1) Not going to the 1992 Davis Cup semifinal tie between the US and Sweden. I was a high school, and did not have money for a tie (I think it was $100 or something). Andre Agassi, Stefan Edberg. What was wrong with me? I am sure had I begged my parents they may have relented but I didn't. I never got to see Edberg play and still kick myself. Tennis being played live in the midwest, just a few hours away. Sigh.

2) Monica Seles came to New Zealand in 2005 to play an exhibition against Martina Navratilova. I lived a few hours away from Auckland, where it was held, but I didn't try hard to go. I was carless at the time and a bit buried in a relationship. Oh dear do I regret not going to see these two legends play. I'd seen Monica play a few times but as she was THE player that got me into tennis I really wish I'd had done more to go to this exo.

3) In late 1999, I was toying with the idea of going to the Australian Open. I was living in Beijing at the time and I feel like I took weeks to decide whether to go or not. By the time I finally made up my mind, I was on the phone with Ticketek buying tickets and I actually had a ticket for the 2000 semifinal that would have been the legendary Agassi/Sampras match. Had I moved a bit quicker in making up my mind I would have been able to see that match live. I did end up watching it in a pub in one of the best tennis environments but I still am bummed I missed being there in the stadium.

These regrets happened while I was younger and a bit less financially able but I think they have helped me be a bit more carefree when it comes to attending live tennis. 

Anyone else have any tennis regrets?