26 April 2015


Even though I swore my springtime live tennis excursions were going to be limited to Indian Wells, I could not help myself a few weeks ago...

So, I'm going to Madrid!

I will be spending 11 days in Madrid, and will be credentialed media at the Mutua Madrid Open for my friends at The Changeover (thanks guys!). Anytime I get the chance to attend a tournament for the first time I'm wildly excited and it's great being media as I have a chance to attend press conferences and write about my favorite sport.

I can't wait to watch tennis inside a complex called "Magic Box". Caja Magica looks amazing. The court itself is no longer blue, but with all the top WTA and ATPers present for the first big clay event of the year, it should be a wonderful tennis watching week for me.

You can follow my coverage on Twitter on my personal account @StephintheUS and The Changeover, if you're not already following!

If you've attended the tournament, or visited this amazing city beforehand, I'd love any tips! I've been pouring over my Madrid Lonely Planet guide and am overwhelmed by all the stunning places to see. I did visit Barcelona and Seville in 2011 when I attended the Davis Cup final, so I can't wait to explore Madrid.

And one more plug for the ProTenn Radio show I've been doing with @tennisacumen each week. Our show 'Passing shots'  focuses exclusively on the WTA and we recap previous results, look at the current tournament happenings and discuss anything going on off the court. We air live and welcome callers, and the show is available online any time! Our scheduled show time is 8.30pm CT on Thursdays.

Here's a link to last week's show

Please visit the website and listen to our show here.

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