26 February 2015

Passing Shots: new WTA-focused radio show

A few years ago I attended the Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio and was credentialed media at the time due to my work with Tennis Auckland.

During my week there I met Pete Ziebron, who runs a tennis site called Tennis Acumen. I enjoyed chatting with Pete about all things tennis. (Give him a follow on Twitter here.)

Fast forward a few years, and Pete and I have just started a new WTA-focused tennis radio show called "Passing Shots" on the ProTenn Radio Network! I can talk tennis for hours/days/weeks at at time so I was pleased when Pete asked me to co-host the women's show. He's been doing an ATP tennis radio show for more than a year (this airs Mondays at 9pm CT/10pm ET).

Pete and I are just three episodes in, and the show actually airs live on the ProTenn Radio Network website so we'll be taking calls now that we have a few shows under our belt.

In addition to talking extensively about on and off-court happenings in women's tennis, we will also have current/former players and coaches on the show. 

We did our first interview last week with Maria Sanchez, a three-time ITA All-American from USC who competed at last week's Surprise, AZ event. Upcoming guests will include Franรงoise Abanda, Jill Craybas, Rosie Casals and more - we're excited to speak with more players and will encourage tennis fans to call in with questions for our guests or Pete and me.
Abanda will appear on an upcoming episode

So, stay tuned - I'll tweet out the link to listen in live each week, and the show can also be accessed anytime on the Pro Tennis Radio Network website. New episodes are usually posted on the site within half an hour of the live broadcast.

I'm excited to be part of a great new radio show focused on women's tennis, which I love so much. 
I encourage you to tune in Thursdays at 7pm CT/8pm ET on the site and do call in if you have questions or disagree with anything we're saying!

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  1. I'm eager to be a piece of an extraordinary new radio show concentrated on ladies' top dog sports tennis, which I cherish to such an extent. I urge you to tune in Thursdays at 7pm CT/8pm ET on the site and do bring in on the off chance that you have addresses or can't help contradicting anything we're stating!