13 August 2012

Monday at the Western and Southern Open

First full day in Cincy - 12 hours later I'm back in my hotel.

This tourney is damn cool. People are friendly, players are very accessible and the weather has been pretty good (clouds, a bit of light rain but not scorching!).

I had a great day as a fan of Serena Williams. She was set to practice at 10am on court 10, so I was there a bit early. She got there just past 10, but then sat in the shade in a corner for about 15 minutes before finally her hitting partner Sascha walked away from her mumbling! He went to retrieve her tennis bag, and still she sat there (on her phone apparently). Finally Sascha started stretching and Serena got up and got ready. She must be tired - what a crazy past month she's had!

When the two finally started hitting - wow. I saw Serena practice in Melbourne but she and Sascha must have hit 200 balls today without one going into the net. Some were long or wide but with one ball they seriously hit for like 10 minutes before a ball finally went into the net.

I was able to attend Serena's press conference a few hours after her practice. Hilarious. She was in great spirits and just so funny. Tennis is so lucky to have her - she's so quotable. Some of the top moments:

1) She thought she'd won Cincinnati before and was baffled when told she hadn't!
2) When asked about her last few US Opens and the drama, she said she just expected there would be drama and that if she reached the semis or final she would practice counting to 10...
3) Said she is keeping the location of her gold medals a secret as someone wants to take them...someone not in Cincy tho.

I could go on.

Early days of tennis tournaments are so amazing and having accessibility to the players like we have in Cincinnati is fantastic. So many practices going on - much endurance is needed!

Here are some photos from the day:

View of Court 10 - Serena practicing


Venus rocking pink

View of center court from media room

David Ferrer, hitting with Murray
Goerges vs Peer


Serena presser

Feli and Milos wait out the rain

Feli was hilarious

Milos makes some fans happy


Schiavone vs Giorgi

Pico and Haase in their doubles win
Delpo stretching

Delpo forehand

Marc! Lopez


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