09 January 2012

One down, one to go!

What a week I had at the ASB Classic. Was beyond amazing to be part of a pro tournament and have access to  the players and be paid to watch tennis!

I managed the tournament website (www.asbclassic.co.nz) meaning I wrote all the content, updated scores, added videos and photos and just kept things as up to date as possible. I also managed the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts.

The long-time sponsor of the tournament, ASB (a bank) has used a NZ sports journalist to create some fun videos with the players. I'd seen a few from years past, but one of the best parts of my day was waiting for a new video from the hilariously creative and funny James McOnie. I had to stifle my laughs again and again as the videos just kept getting better. And then this happened:

My god did I laugh, and I'm still laughing. I may have had the processes and channels ready but without the great resources at my disposal during the tournament my job would have been so much harder. These videos are just classic and I'm thrilled how much exposure they've received.

The other most memorable part of my week was definitely attending the press conferences. The first one I went to was for Christina McHale, and once I asked a question once I felt like I was meant to be in there. I asked Flavia about her book (she said the feedback and sales have been great) and asked Sveta about her short/tight skirt dress and high heels she wore to the player dinner. I tried to keep my questions light instead of just asking about their game (leave that to the sports journos).

I also got a chance to interview Judy Murray and Dominik Hrbaty for our daily programme. Judy was lovely - very friendly and easy to speak with.

This week it's time for the men as the Heineken Open is underway. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook - or check out our website. The field is full of Spanish flavour: Ferrer, Verdasco, Almagro and more. Vamos!

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