22 January 2012

Day 7 at the 2012 Australian Open

I might need therapy before writing this blog - I'm still reeling from Li Na's collapse today and not sure I can really talk about it yet. Sigh.

After starting the day watching Serena Williams practice (see photos here), I headed to my wicked Rod Laver Arena seat for some Vika/Iveta, Rafa/Feli and Li Na/Kim action. 

Let's start with the positives from day 7:
  1. Vika is hitting the ball amazing well - she really could win the tournament this year. And RLA crowd you can mimic her shrieks all you want - she doesn't care!
  2. Rafa won in straight sets again over Feli Lopez. Feli is still pretty.
  3. That's it.
I was quite disappointed today for a number of reasons:
  1. Li Na - what can I say? A set and a break lead over a gimpy opponent. Four match points in a tiebreak. Then an utter third set collapse - this one hurt a lot. I couldn't even stay in RLA until the end as the crowd erupting for Kim who is not Aussie would have been too much.
  2. Hisense Arena crowd - I went to charge my phone inside Hisense and heard this loud, prolonged booing. I immediately thought Nico Almagro was being booed for something and turns out it was Tomas Berdych on the receiving end. I cannot explain how loud these boos were and I wasn't even inside the actual stadium and couldn't believe the noise. Nico hit Tomas with a ball, and in my mind Tomas did overreact (who hasn't directed a ball at the body when playing tennis - it happens and it's legal!) but wow that booing in no way was appropriate for his non-hand shake. I've never heard such boos and think it was completely over the top. And the Aussie Open interview on court should have been cut short instead of trying to keep speaking with Tomas. I just can't comprehend this one. Total drama.
  3. Jelena Jankovic. Four years ago, I saw JJ beat Serena Williams here at Rod Laver Arena. It was a quarterfinal match and JJ was just in great form. She lost to Maria in the semis but she had a great 2008 and would of course make the US Open final, losing to Serena. Where in the world did that player go? She's a shadow of what she used to be and I find that quite sad. I hope she can somehow find her confidence and use that talent to get back toward the top 10.
Some more photos from today:

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