11 December 2011

Best of Rafa in photos 2011: practice sessions

I saw a lot of Rafa this year, including a number of practice sessions. You have to be prepared to fight hard for a good spot at a Rafa practice and, well, I'm just happy to be tall.

Here are some practice pics I took throughout the year:

Australian Open

Got his autograph, but only because I
put my programme over people's heads

He was right in my path - went for a photo and not autograph


  1. wow, great practice photos! just stumbled across your site & wasn't expecting to be treated to so much fun imagery.

    The photo is better than the autograph for sure. ;)

  2. Thanks! I am not that big of a fan of player autographs (nice to have but not willing to fight hard) but up close photos...much better!

    Glad you enjoyed :)