12 December 2011

Best of Delpo in Photos - 2011

Ah Delpo. The gentle giant is back and I couldn't have been happier to see him in action this year. It started with a very frustrating match vs Baggy (made frustrating due to the noisy Cypriots I sat next to) and ended with Delpo tears in Spain. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a fab year for the big man.

1) vs Marcos Bagdatis, Australian Open
2) vs David Ferrer, Davis Cup Final
3) vs Rafael Nadal, Davis Cup Final

Australian Open

Walking toward practice courts in Melbourne
About to take the court vs Baggy

Losing in four sets


I watched Delpo practice in the pouring rain for ages.

US Open

Big of Delpo practice time

Davis Cup Final

Playing Ferrer

Double match point for Ferrer

Ah broke my heart Delpo

Back for more against Rafa

 Let's do this

Man he played well

Heading to his team for a hug after the match

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