21 November 2011

World Tour Finals Tuesday: Rafa vs Fed

Photograph: Andrew Brownbill/AP
The Tuesday night ticket I bought weeks ago has proven to be the golden ticket - I get to see Rafa take on Fed!

As much as I am not a fan of the GOAT, I am beyond thrilled to see these two great rivals face off. Rafa barely got through Mardy Fish in his first round robin match last night, and apparently his play was spotty on top of some stomach issues (his run of bad luck in restaurants continues!) so hopefully he'll be in better form tomorrow night.

Given his long break, and Fed coming off a two-tournament win, I don't expect Rafa to win but he does seem to bring it when he plays Fed. 

So, night session at the O2 with Rafa and Fed. Should be an amazing night!

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