26 November 2011

Off to Spain

Am off to Barcelona in the morning for a few days before the Davis Cup begins in Seville on Friday. I've never been to Spain and am very much in the "I can't believe how this all happened" mindset. So easy to click a few times on a website and boom - off to a foreign land.

Davis Cup will certainly be one of the best tennis experiences a tennis fan can have - I'm expecting crazy, loud, exuberant fans for both the Spanish and Argentinean teams. These guys are pretty much my most favourite tennis players - Nadal, Del Potro, Nalbandian, Ferrer, Monaco, Verdasco, Lopez - it's just a dream lineup and the atmosphere at the Estadio OlĂ­mpico de Sevilla will certainly be indescribable.

It's hard to really choose a side, as I want Rafa to win all his matches but would be delighted if David Nalbandian gets a Davis Cup win. So I will go and be dressed in red tho my heart is torn!

It will be fantastic to see the Spanish team in action - having never been to a Davis Cup tie before, I've never seen the camaraderie a team competition creates. Just check out these pics - going to be a dream three days in Seville!

I'm going to be reporting for Tennisgrandstand.com so be sure to follow
@tennisGS or my Twitter account at @StephinNZ for all the stories, photos and videos!

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  1. I am so damn happy for you!!! So yes I have been living through you for the last few weeks and PROUD of it :).....