23 September 2011

US Open recap: Monday 5 September

The calm before the storm(s). Monday was a lovely day for watching live tennis, but my mom had to fly back home so I didn't arrive on site until Serena vs Ana had already started late afternoon. I literally ran from my taxi through the gates and went to big screen to watch. No Serena - they were showing Nole vs Dolgo. So went to the Heineken Bar and they were also showing Nole. Well, I went to the player's lounge (I had tourney accreditation due to my part-time tennis job) and ended up watching the end of her match there. Not quite the same.
Later on, I met up with a few more Tweeps and watched Petko play Carla Suarez Navarro which was pretty lopsided but we had great seats in the Grandstand (love that stadium!) and the night sky was arriving and it was a beautiful night.

Caro was playing Sveta tonight but I didn't feel like buying an Arhur Ashe ticket so ended up watching it on the big screen. That area is one of my faves at the US Open - lovely fountains and lots of places to sit (take note Roland Garros). I had a fun Amelie Mauresmo sighting as she was doing some filming. Miss her!

As Sveta was playing, Amelie came to the big screen while Sveta started to crumble. Up a set and 4-1, it all came crashing down as it does in Svetaland. Through Twitter I've seen that Amelie and Sveta are friends (how much fun would it be to have drinks with them??).You could see from Amelie's face that she was bummed to watch it happen. So was the crowd, but mostly as it was getting so late and many people wanted to see Fed/Pico. What a late night it was getting to be and once Caro came back to take the second set I left. I knew how it was going to end.
Oh Sveta

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