24 September 2011

US Open recap: And then the rains came

This year, I've sat through many, many rain delays. Queens, Eastbourne and Wimbledon set me up well for Days 9 and 10 at the US Open. I had been through the waiting games many times and as much as you can be frustrated, it just doesn't help. You just have to chalk it up to being part of the experience and make the most of it. And hope for the best!

So Tuesday 6 September was a challenge, and when I stepped out the door to head to the tennis it was drizzling and I could see clouds so just hoped it would all burn off. But then, it really started raining about the second I entered the gates. Ugh. I headed to the player lounge again and just enjoyed being there for a few hours but got bored so decided to go meet up with @MaggieMaggio who was holed up under Louis Armstrong. Maggie and @tennissmash write a great blog - check it out here. It was great to meet Maggie and swap tennis tales and experiences! Unfortunately, the rains weren't going anywhere so they called off play for the entire day around 1:30pm. Rats!

Of course, Day 10's schedule was looking damn fine but with forecasts just as dire I wasn't holding my breath. But Day 10 was my final day at the US Open so I wasn't going anywhere until the tennis was over (this, folks, is what addiction looks like!).

The skies were looking most unfriendly when I left my accommodation, and the scene inside the BJKNTC was not good. It just would not stop raining and so we would wait, and wait. I sat in the covered seating in Louis Armstrong for a few hours with @JBs10is who was so kind to me a few times during the US Open - lending me her Arthur Ashe ticket so I could see my faves! We hung out for ages gabbing away, and then the rains started slowing down enough that we moved to just behind the baseline in hopes we'd actually get some tennis. And we did - three games. When Andy Murray stepped on the court I couldn't actually believe we were getting tennis, and as we waited for Donald Young to arrive, I was following my Twitter feed and read about the developing issues on Arthur Ashe. Rafa had taken ages to arrive on court and kept Giles Muller waiting. Oh the dramas that would ensue!

So young Donald (heehee) finally took the court and we got some tennis! For, yeah, about 12 minutes. I would not see anymore live tennis that day - the day session was completely washed out, and watching the day unfold gave me a headache. There were very few updates from the tourney re play being postponed or cancelled. They just seemed to go mute (even in the player lounge there were very few announcements re the schedule). No more tennis would be played, even tho they sent Serena and Pavs onto court. It was a sad way for it all to end, but alas that was the end of my US Open 2011.

I caught up with @kelynsoong (who had a great gig working in the media centre) and had one last drink before slowly leaving the Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre for the last time until who knows when. Bought a few more souvenirs and then as I headed out of the grounds it started pouring! Ah summertime in NYC.

All in all, despite my late arrival into NYC (thanks weather gods), and missing out on two more days of tennis (again, thanks weather gods) my time at the US Open was fantastic. Have to look at the big picture - was so unbelievably blessed this year to be able to go to all four Grand Slams so I am not going to complain about missing out of the five days of tennis I had taken from me.

How many days until the Aussie Open begins?

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