08 September 2011

My roller coaster US Open

Greetings from LAX - what a crazy week in New York City at the US Open!

My 10 days at the US Open turned into just 4.5 thanks to the threat of Hurricane Irene and my last two days were essentially rained out which was certainly trying. Overall tho of course any live tennis is amazing so I'll focus on the positives.

I watched Rafa, Serena and Maria on Arthur Ashe Stadium. I took my mom to her first live tennis. I watched Rafa play Nalbandian live. I was there to see Flavia upset Maria. I saw some great matches on the lovely Grandstand and Louis Armstrong courts. I completed my 2011 fan slam!!!

I have spent 36 days watching live tennis this year, and given that's the number of years I've been on this planet well that's a pretty good year. 23 of those were at Grand Slam tourneys so I am not going to whinge about missing out on the extra days of tennis!

I did enjoy the US Open very much and definitely was impressed by the crowds, the workers and until Tuesday, the weather!
I plan to do a bit of a Grand Slam rankings when I'm over the jet lag and will do proper recaps of each day. Stay tuned!

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