30 August 2011

US Open - Day 1

Unfortunately, this isn't a firsthand report of Day 1 as I am unable to get to New York until late afternoon on Wednesday, a full five days after my original flight.

My biggest stress today was Venus - would she survive the first round? Media have been obsessed with her possible retirement for what feels like years and I swear I can handle her losing early in NYC but not the media's reaction to it. She's been adamant that she still loves the game and does not see an end in sight - phew! People forget she was inches away from making the final last year (in a three-set loss to Clijsters that makes me ill thinking about) so I think she's got a great run in her this year.

Being in the US during the US Open is a real treat (even when your airline cancels your flight to NYC and you miss out on actually being there) as I was able to bounce back and forth today between the coverage on both the Tennis Channel and ESPN2. It's so nice to be able to follow two matches on TV at once, and when an obnoxious commentator appears on one channel (yes I'm talking about you Justin Gimbelstob) I can switch to the other. Nice.

Tomorrow night on Arthur Ashe looks to be a great ticket with my faves Rafa and Serena - I'm sure my view from the couch at my parents' house will be heaps better than actually being in the stadium.

This bitterness will soon pass.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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