20 August 2011

A match that makes you sad

Rafa Nadal vs David Ferrer
Aussie Open QF 2011

Rafa, holder of all three slams, #1 in the world, playing against his countryman Ferrer who was off to a rolling start to 2011 after easily taking down the field in Auckland. 

Rafa had lost to Daveeed before on hardcourts but this was not 2007, and Rafa had already won two hardcourt slams. The Rafa slam was very much alive.

So there we were, waiting for this great match up, and all of a sudden a few games in, Rafa leaves the court and we have no idea what's going on. Mass confusion, finally announced he was having treatment and we're all confused. Then it just gets worse and worse - Rafa pulled something. He's yelling something to Uncle Toni. Rafa loses a set, then another. 

What's even worse is that I've got a shit seat next to a moronic guy on a small computer not even watching the tennis, only mumbling on occasion to no one. Two sets down and no one to share the pain with. I've got two non-tennis fans to my right, and am attending alone so have no one to share my pain with other than my fellow Rafa fans on Twitter. It got to be too much.

All hope seemed lost, so I left my Rod Laver Arena seat and ended up watching the end of the Rafa slam dream here:
 Here I stood when the TV showed the photo that totally broke my heart:
Still hurts.

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