20 August 2011

A match that makes you happy

Serena Williams
Maria Sharapova
Aussie Open final 2007

It had been a rough few years as a Serena fan when she showed up in Melbourne in 2007. Visibly heavier since her injuries and a horrible 2006, Serena was ranked 81 in the world and when she stated her intention to return to the top of the game, Pat Cash said she was 'deluded'. 

When Serena made the final, I was housesitting for friends and had full reign of their home which was great as I didn't have cable back then. I literally sat on the floor in front of the TV for the final I was so excited. At the time, I couldn't stand Maria Sharapova. I remember wanting to pinch myself when Serena was just cruising, punishing Maria's shots. After the 6-1 first set, I tried not to get too excited,  but then it kept going. It was a complete domination, and Serena would take her 8th grand slam 6-1, 6-2.

According to Wikipedia, her performance in the final was described by TENNIS.com as "one of the best performances of her career" and by BBC Sport as "arguably the most powerful display ever seen in women's tennis".

It's certainly a match I vocally enjoyed, fist pumping and calling out in admiration for Serena's winners.
Match stats: 28 winners. 11 unforced errors. 7 aces.

"It was an awesome win, because I had so many critics. So many people ... saying negative things," Serena said. "It's like, tell me no and I'll show you that I can do it. I get the greatest satisfaction just holding up the Grand Slam trophy and proving everyone wrong. I'm insatiable."

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