06 August 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: A player that you aren’t a fan of but you respect

Caroline Wozniacki

Oh Caro -  there is so much to mock: the moonballs, odd fitting tennis dresses, her bragtastic tweets.

But I think people need to back off about her ranking and game in general. I've seen Caro play live quite a few times this year and I was impressed with her fitness and  how hard it is for most players to put her away. Yeah, she isn't the power player we've gotten used to expecting from the current generation but, she wins. She wins a  lot!!

The number one discussion does my head in. I believe that Caro has more than earned the top ranking and doesn't deserve the abuse about it. Yes, would be nice if she'd win a Grand Slam. And I feel that she probably will. But she has won so much in the past 18 months, so I think she deserves a lot more respect than she gets.

For reference: 30 Days of Tennis Challenge

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