05 August 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: A player that no one would expect you to love

Lleyton Hewitt
This one's a bit odd. How would I know how people perceive my tennis tastes? People always seem surprised that I don't like Fed, being the big tennis fan that I am. Well, I never warmed to Graf or Sampras either so judge that as you will.

So I'll change this challenge more to a player I like that no one would expect. I've always enjoyed Hewitt - his speed and fight. I have a soft spot for the shorter guys on tour and I love watching players make up for their lack of size with speed and agility. Hewitt was such a great athlete, but didn't win a lot of fans with his words or actions. Whatever. I like him.

Even since his dip from his days winnings slams and being #2, he's still managed to play in so many classics. Case in point, 1R vs Nalbandian in Melbourne this year. I can't see Lleyton playing much longer, but I give him major props for coming back from injuries and surgeries again and again. Total fighter.

For context: The Challenge

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