08 August 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: Favourite Grand Slam Tournament

Australian Open

Too easy. Yes, I live within a short flight to Melbourne and have attended four times, but I am convinced that the Aussie Open is the best slam for fans. I have been to all four slams so feel very able to make such a statement!

Top 3 reasons it's the best slam to attend:
1) Tickets are easy to buy, and ground passes rarely sell out and only cost $20. I've never had to pull my hair out when buying tickets. No queuing BS. Easy peasy.
2) Location - the most convenient slam to get to. It's a 10-15 minute walk from central Melbourne and there's a free tram from Flinders Street station. No sitting on a subway for 45 minutes like Roland Garros, or the US Open.
3) Crowds - people are friendly and there's always great atmosphere. Aussies appreciate good sport!

Top 3 reasons why it's the best slam to watch:
1) Endurance - Aussie summers are brutal so it's a real test for fitness
2) First slam of the new year - you get to see how much work people put into their offseason, and who can be the toughest mentally post-holidays.
3) It's nearly in my time zone. :)

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