30 July 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: Least favourite women's player

Kim Clijsters

This is seriously hard. I've warmed up to so many of the WTA ladies who I used to not like (Maria) and appreciate them all in different ways even if they shriek crazy loud (Vika), are just odd (Marion) or are a human backboard (Woz).

But Kim Clijsters - yeah kinda over her. She was always my preferred Belgian back in her first career, but that's not saying much as Henin was such an anti-fave of mine. 

She chose to retire at 23 and of course didn't really mean it so took a two-year break and came back...to the most insane media frenzy about the comeback mom.

For crying out loud people. She retired at 23, not 43. Women have kids all the time and then go on to be normal healthy, fit people. They have kids then compete in marathons, etc. It's not that flipping unusual to be a fit mother!

And Kim is NOT Australian! Just because she was engaged to her look alike ex-bf Lleyton Hewitt in the early 2000s does not make her Aussie.

Rant over.

Runner up: Ana Ivanovic

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