30 July 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: Least favourite men’s player

 Roger Federer

Egad. Do I have to come clean regarding the players I really can't stand? Yep. Okay then. It's the mighty Fed. 
As a Nadal fan, many would probably assume I don't care for Fed because I love Nadal. That's not it. I cried tears of joy when Fed beat Pete at Wimbledon 2001. I was genuinely happy that he won (well, I didn't like Sampras either so that was sort of a win for me). I do enjoy his game - but he makes it look too easy sometimes and I like my players to show a bit more grit on court. Some tennis fans have told me I'm not a 'real' tennis fan if I don't like Federer. I disagree. He's an amazing player, of course he is. But I don't care for him, and cheer for him to win less than any other ATP player.

I think my irritation began when he just won too much. The domination really bored me - I lost interest in the ATP for awhile because of it. And when Fed's bawling took a lot of the spotlight during Rafa's victory speech at the Aussie Open in 2009, well, I really didn't like him. 

His fans (correction, some of his fans) and some of the wider tennis community don't help my feelings toward him. The constant 'perfect' comments. Oh Fed doesn't grunt. Oh Fed is such a gentleman. Oh Fed doesn't have any annoying habits on court. Oh Fed wouldn't dare be late onto court. It just all irritates me. So I do laugh when he loses to Ernie Gulbis. Or Bagdatis. Or Mardy Fish. Or Tomas Berdych. Or Nole after being up double match point. Or when he shanks an overhead. Or whiffs on match point.

I think most of all, I hate those RF logos everywhere. And that stupid white jacket. Pretentious much?

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