29 July 2011

30 Days of Tennis Challenge: Favourite women's player

Serena Williams

I'll never forget Serena Williams' win at the 1999 US Open. Big sister loses to Hingis in a tight semifinal and instead of sister vs sister in the final, it's little sis who will try and take out Hingis, world #1 and a former champ. The beads, the muscles, those shots. I, a younger sister, always had a soft spot for Serena who lived in the shadow of Venus, from whom so much was expected.

Serena's career has been amazing, the stuff of legends. Yes she could have won more, but who's to say she'd still be playing had she done what others wanted her to? I've always loved Serena's fight, her fun attitude, her toughness. And her serve is to be coveted by any tennis player. I like that Serena's proven time and again that she is the WTA's bigger fighter, the one who can never be counted against. 

Being a massive Serena fan can be difficult - yes she's said and done things I have cringed at. But she has transcended my sport and intrigue surrounds her every move. I bloody love this girl.

Runner up: Venus Williams

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