24 June 2011

Heading back to NZ....

And so here I sit in Seoul airport on my way back to New Zealand following a magical five weeks in UK/Europe.

I won't be able to gain real perspective on my trip until the jet lag has worn off, but here's a run down of what I did and some initial thoughts:

French Open - two days
Queens Club - two days
Eastbourne - three days
Wimbledon - two days

Some highlights:
1) Saw Serena's comeback match at Eastbourne and her match with Vera
2) Finally got to see Andy Roddick, on Centre Court no less!
3) Spoke to Vera, JJ, Vika, Bojana, Petra K, Zheng Jie, Richard Williams and others I forget now (some responded, others didn't)
4) Was within hugging distance to Rafa and Serena (coming and going into practice sessions in Wimby/Eastbourne)
5) Queued for Wimbledon (albeit not overnight but I got up at 3am)
6) 'Enjoyed' a rain delay (okay, four) at Wimbledon
7) Ate strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
8) Drank a 7 quid Pimms on Henman Hill/Murray Mound
9) Did the wave in Suzanne Lenglen at the French Open and at Centre Court at Wimbledon
10) Completed my career fan slam! (Aussie 2000, 2008, 2010, 2011), French (2011), Wimbledon (2011), US Open (2002).

I was wowed by Wimbledon and unimpressed by the French Open. I fell in love with Eastbourne and the intimacy of the tournament. I loved the grand Queens Club but the tourney itself wasn't as fun.

I took thousands of pics and look forward to sorting through them and writing up a lot more about my amazing trip. Fire away any questions about the tourneys, etc and I'm happy to respond!

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