16 May 2011

Surviving the Nole streak

I love Novak Djokovic, but I gotta say the past few weeks have been difficult since I pledge my tennis allegiance to Rafa. This morning, yet again during the wee hours of a Monday, I tried in vain to get up at 5am to watch another Rafole final. After phone calls (sorry mom) and my own fear of the result kept me in my warm bed, I peeked at my phone to check the score and it told me Nole won again. Sigh. Fears confirmed.

We Rafa fans have been spoiled rotten from April to June for many, many years. We know this is his prime and his losses on clay are in single digits in his entire career (eight losses now) . He's largely unbeatable on the clay and I for one enjoy seeing him reign on this surface. But that kind of sustained dominance year after year is just unrealistic.

Doesn't mean the recent losses don't smart.

I think I am more upset Rafa got straight setted in two straight clay finals. But, as hard as it is to see Rafa lose, I'd much rather it be to someone who is on fire rather than 'random' losses to other players (or Fed). Nole is, well, unbeatable.

So I've chosen to get through these losses by focusing on the positives - Rafa's health is relatively strong (viruses aside) and he's injury free. I'm sure his confidence has taken a bit of a hit but I don't doubt his motivation and intensity are any less than they were a few months ago. I hope his finals losses just make him even hungrier to defend his title in Paris.

Also, as I much as I hate seeing my fave lose, Novak is unfrigginbelievable right now. The ball striking and rallies we're seeing are consistently jaw dropping. Enjoy it!

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