12 April 2011

Tennis depression

Following a sport like ours is an emotional roller coaster and I am starting to feel like 2011 kinda sucks.

Missing in action are two of my all time faves - Venus and Serena - and I think I still have a tennis hangover from watching Rafa lose in Melbourne - that really hurt worse than I thought it would and as much as I really like Nole I'm superly bummed Rafa didn't at least win Miami (since he hadn't won that title before).

I really can't believe we haven't seen Serena on a tennis court since Wimbledon and who the hell knows if we'll see her play again. I watched some of my fave Serena videos on Youtube the other day - if you haven't seen the 'comeback' series one great fan has put together I suggest you have a gander (there are four all up):

Watching these videos only made me more depressed and I think I must be mourning the state of women's tennis in general. I miss the old days of Lindsay, Hingis, Seles, Capriati and Serena/Venus and I am starting to agree that women's tennis is a bloody mess. I have always enjoyed watching women's tennis more than men's but the current situation of the WTA is bad and I'm trying hard to find the positives.

Li Na was a bright spot in Melbourne, but she has lost six straight matches since then and appears to be more interested in being a Chinese star than winning matches.

Svetlana Kuznetsova is one of the most talented people on tour (and one of my faves) and after her amazing match with Franny in Melbourne (and her great win over Henin) I really expected more.

I'm trying to be happy for the Caros and Vikas of the world but...am really going to have to dig deeper to get there. The last few months has been bad enough, but today's news that Kim might be out of the French Open is awful. If she's already got a bum shoulder and has wrecked her ankle (dancing, really?) even if she tries in play in Paris she'll be totally gimpy.


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