20 April 2011

Seven years of Rafa in Monte Carlo

I've been trying to think of another tennis accomplishment equal to what Rafael Nadal just did in Monte Carlo. 
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images
He's won the tournament seven years in a row. He first played there in 2003 as a 17 year old and every year since he's conquered the field. Federer, Djokovic, Verdasco, Ferrer, Coria - they've all fallen to Rafa during this streak.

So how to compare what Rafa has done in Monte Carlo? Clearly it's nothing like what Sampras did by ending #1 six years in a row, but the beauty of Rafa's accomplishment is that he had to be physically and mentally fit at the same time of the season for seven straight years. No injuries, no illnesses, no lapse in focus. He needed luck, he needed belief, he needed to care. It's an unbelievable achievement and hard to imagine another player tying or beating this record anytime soon.

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