01 April 2011

Rafa n Fed

Well, I hoped Rafa would win today but I, as a tennis fan above all else, ended that match feeling worse for Fed than I felt stoked for Rafa.

I'm a huge Rafa fan and I've been over Fed for a long time, but I always want the big guys to really compete well against each other when they do play. As much as the media is just killing the buzz so to speak about 'Fedal' (can barely type that without wanting to vomit) we really should appreciate this rivalry before it's over.

There's really nothing fun about watching a top player in decline, or even a former top 10er on free fall - it's actually kinda heartbreaking.

I do hope Rafa ends Nole's run on Sunday but my feeling is that it will be about these two until Roger finds a way to mentally stop selling himself short against Rafa and Nole I don't know how he'll turn those matchups around.

On a happy note, how well did this guy look today? Fierce play Rafa!

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

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  1. I am at your blog now! OHH THEIS is a HAPPY day!!! I still had your old blog bookmarked, remember that one!