23 April 2011

Prove YOUR tennis addiction

This morning, I had a flashback to a time before live streaming and smartphones, before the Internet was such a massive part of our lives and I had to rely on Sportcenter or CNN Headline News (or the newspaper - what a concept) to let me know who won matches.

We're so spoiled these days, and this morning that was confirmed as I woke up to my recorded Barcelona coverage and my ATP/WTA phone app to check scores from overnight.

It made me think back to the good old days before such luxuries, and the time I have spent watching/obsessing about tennis while I was on holiday, or while I was working. So here are my top 5 addiction stories (there may be some I'm too embarrassed to admit so they are buried deep in my brain):

1) During a holiday in Scotland in the mid 1990s, I was forced to use a calling card repeatedly to call a US sports hotline that had prerecorded tennis scores (so slow to update results!).

2) On my way to the 2000 Aussie Open, I had to spent a night in Bangkok, and as soon as I checked into my hotel, I raced to the business centre and sat for hours following the live scores.

3) During the 2007 US Open, I was out of the office to write a story about a tourism product, and I had to keep ringing my mother in the US to find out the progress of Venus vs Henin (clearly am a dedicated employee).

4) Ringing my mother several times (at $3 per minute no less) during my friend's wedding reception to check the progress of Serena/Henin Aussie Open final in 2010. I was so distracted as I was just a few hours' drive from the final but had to ring my mother in the US for the scores!

5) I was on holiday in Puerto Rico in 2002, just minutes from beautiful water, and I sat in my hotel room watching Serena/Capriati Miami final.

Bottom line, clearly no matter what country I'm in or how much it costs to ring my mother for scores, my tennis addiction knows no boundaries!

So, I'd like to know how addicted you are? What's your best story about the lengths you've gone to to either watch a match or check scores?

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