16 April 2011

Post Nadal Murray ire

I stayed up til 3am last night to watch Rafa vs Murray and at that hour it was only 1-1 in the second set. I have just finished watching the Monte Carlo semifinal and I am really peeved - could be sleep deprivation.

First, Rafa, what the hell? Where was his forehand? He looked a step slow at times and just did not have his usual magic when it came to his passing shots. And broken six times? And a horrible break point conversion of 7 from 18? I can't even talk about that second set. Ugh.

And Mr Murray - I have tried to like you but I am most upset at you. First, someone explain to me why a seasoned professional doesn't know if he can play his match mere minutes before it's meant to start? I can't ever recall seeing an instance in which a match was delayed because a player wasn't sure if he/she could play. Can anyone else remember anything like this happening?

Apparently Andy had a cortisone shot so they were waiting for that to kick in and clearly it worked as there were zero signs in the match that he was injured. He was caning his shots and though he was broken a few times in the first set (as was Rafa) he served pretty well. It was only when he got broken in the third set that he called a trainer out to massage the elbow. Perhaps the cortisone and Andy's adrenalin kicked in when he was on the court, but the whole situation just doesn't quite make sense to me especially when commentators said he woke up with the pain - so why wouldn't he have had treatment earlier in the day?

And Andy, your profane mouth and constant bitching are as ugly as your hairdo at the moment. Let's work on these eh?

Rafa is really going to have to step it up tomorrow - Ferrer is having a fab 2011 and he'll be raring to keep climbing and win his first Masters Series.

Photos: AP and Getty

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