Flashback - 2002 Fed Cup US vs Austria

On Twitter this morning Matt Cronin (Tennis Reporters), Lindsay Davenport and Lisa Raymond were chatting about the infamous 2002 Federation Cup tie in Charlotte NC which saw Jennifer Capriati kicked off the team.

I actually went to this tie and remember getting to my hotel and seeing the news on TV about Billie Jean King kicking Jennifer from the team. I had flown to NC to see Monica Seles and Capriati, the two female players who helped kickstart my tennis obsession back in 1990. I think I blocked out the disappointment that ensued that weekend. Not only did Capriati (who to this day I never got to see play live) get kicked off the team (and they had to forfeit her first match for a quick 0-1 deficit), but the US lost to Austria. Check out the BBC story: Capriati kicked off US team

It's funny that Twitter allowed us some insight into what happened that weekend nine years ago. It all started by Cronin chatting about Liesel Huber's 'combustibility' in relation to what sounds like another doubles bust up involving Huber- this time with Nadia Petrova.

Anyway, Cronin tweeted the following:

@ @ I've experienced LH's "combustability" but not Lisa's though I do recall her being irritable at 2002 Fed Cup... 

@ @.. when BJK booted Jennifer off team vs Austria & kept players up almost all night yelling for support

@ Forgot to say I pulled an allnighter 2 back in Charlotte Fed Cup after Jen was kicked off team as news came very late at night


@ @ I was blissfully at home recovering from knee surgery that Fed Cup tie, but I remember hearing those stories

@ They "blissfully" could have used u as Schwartz beat both Monica (who was in a post BJK screaming funk) & Shaughnessy to win

Nothing hugely revealing here, but it's a nice blast from the past. I can't imagine what the Fed Cup team's thought were when Jen got the boot (for wanting to have an extra practice with her own team after official team practices, but there's gotta be more of course) but amusing to think about BJK trying to rally the forces late into the night. No wonder they lost!

Love you Twitter.