12 April 2011

40 days!!!

In brighter news....

The French Open starts in just 40 days!!

I really feel like the Aussie Open just ended. Maybe it's because I spent over 100 hours at Melbourne Park over two weeks this year and I don't want to let go (or delete all the tennis coverage from my DVR).

But it has been months, and in a mere six+ weeks we will be staring at the face of the French Open.

My brother's tennis coach mate is hooking us up for tickets and I'm aiming for fourth round or quarterfinal tickets. I won't really believe I'm going until I see those magic tickets!

Allez! Ugh - thanks Justine for ruining that for me FOREVER.


  1. je parle le francais...watched ferrer take apart MILOS...Daaaveed is gonna be one tough out in paris

  2. Yep think it's going to be Rafa/Ferrer...funny enough that's the final I picked on the ATP fantasy challenge...