18 March 2011

Rafa vs Delpo

If I had to pick two faves on the ATP it would definitely be Rafa and Juan Martin Del Potro (Delpo to us tennis fans). And the last time these two faced off was at the US Open 2009. That was an absolute beatdown by Delpo (2, 2 and 2), who has won the past three matches in the rivalry.

Rafa has been severely tested in his last two matches but continues to just fight so hard - you can see how much this tourney means to him by watching his celebration yesterday.

What a stressful tiebreaker - Rafa had several minibreaks but finally took the tiebreak 9-7. I really don't know what to expect tomorrow. I only saw part of Delpo's match against Kohlscreiber but liked what I saw. He's definitely getting his game together and how great is it to watch that forehand again? Ahh.

NOTE: Can I just personally thank ESPN for being a total loser in Indian Wells coverage here in little NZ? We have no live coverage until the men's final, and we get 90 minutes of delayed coverage each night. Lame.

If forced to choose, I'd like Rafa to win just to see if he can keep up his odd year successes at Indian Wells (he's been champ in 2007 and 2009). Plus he hasn't won a tourney this year. Delpo is proving he's back from injury with his fantastic surge up the rankings so I'm content with his SF run here.

And sorry, but I can never cheer against this:

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