26 March 2011

Nole: A Challenge

I didn't love Novak Djokovic from day 1. I think it's natural to need time to warm up to the new kids on the block and there aren't many tennis players I can think of who I just instantly 'fell for.' The old me thought Nole was a bit too cocky when he was young, and then I thought he was a wimp. Just seemed like he always had a health issue that prevented him from finishing matches (at slams no less).

But Nole has grown on me so much that I can't believe I never really appreciated what he brings to the game. He is an entertainer like no one else on the men's tour and we are so lucky that he has finally broken the Rafa/Fed stranglehold. 

The personality...the smile...the amazing talent.

Just check out pics from Nole entering the court for his first match in Miami yesterday. I challenge you to look at these pics and not start to love Nole!


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