10 March 2011

Indian Wells - 10 years since the drama

It's been 10 years since Venus Williams controversially pulled out of a semifinal clash with little sis Serena in Indian Wells.

It's been 10 years since Serena won the title over Kim Clijsters in front of a hugely hostile crowd who booed her relentlessly. 

It's been 10 years since either Serena or Venus played at Indian Wells.

I'm annually amused/annoyed when tennis media write about the incident and sometimes sound surprised that the boycott continues. They have been more than adamant that they will never return and I completely understand why. Serena writes about the incident in her book "On the Line" and says Venus did everything in her power to let the WTA and tourney officials know she was injured well before the match. I believe she did.

I'm pretty over this annual blast from the past, but maybe, just maybe, people will really start to appreciate all that Serena has contributed to the game when there is now a realistic chance she may never be able to come back. Maybe the crowd at Indian Wells will hope that even if she doesn't return to their tourney, she'll at least return to the game.

Serena gave a pretty sobering interview this morning wtih Matt Lauer and The Today Show, and she is still planning a summer return. I believe Serena will do everything she can to be back to defend at Wimbledon which would be fantastic as long as her body can handle it.

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