20 March 2011

Day 12 at the Aussie Open: 28 January

Day 12 was a late start as things were winding down to the final days of Aussie Open 2011. As I walked from my hotel to Melbourne Park for the umpteenth day in a row it started to hit me that there were just three days left. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever attend two full weeks of a grand slam (okay I technically didn't at the Oz Open because I missed day 1) so I still can't believe the number of matches I saw in my 13 days.

The best part of the walk into Melbourne Park, for me at least, is walking by the displays of former champions. This one holds a special place for me, as 2000 was the first year I went to the Aussie Open and even though I only saw fourth round and quarterfinals - two of my top faves ever both won that year.

Things were pretty quiet around the grounds today given that it was a Friday and there's no point of having a grounds pass as there's little going on on outer courts other than juniors and practices.

Li Na was hitting with her hubby/coach when I arrived so I sat and watched her for awhile. She looked pretty annoyed with her hubby which was funny.

First up on Rod Laver Arena was the women's doubles final - Vika and Kiri vs Flavia and Gisela. Talk about four hot ladies on a court - all attitude and glamour which of course is what sport is all about! I've always loved Flavia so was hoping she and Gisela would win their first slam - they only paired up last year and have been playing really well. But they were getting beat up pretty handily and faced match points in the second set. But then for some reason the highest ranked singles player on the court, Victoria Azarenka, completely lost the plot. She started missing everything and before ya knew it Flavia and Gise were grand slam champs!
I felt bad for Kiri and on the doubles court she always seems the better player and she deserved to have won this match. But c'est la vie.

Look how cute they are:

I left the site to go have real food with @cb_s and kill time before the Muzz/Ferrer semifinal. I will say that if you go to a grand slam for more than three days you will quickly tire of the food available. By the 11th day I couldn't face another sandwich or piece of bland sushi. 
Back to the tennis, Muzz vs Ferrer was a battle. Ferrer got off to a better start and won the first set and easily could have been up two sets to none but Fer historically plays horribly in tiebreaks and he'd lose two of them tonight. After losing the second set Ferrer just went away! All the shots he was nailing in the first two sets started missing and it was a complete meltdown - hard to watch. But he came back to nearly force a fifth set but again lost a tiebreak and the match in four sets. 

Muzz was pretty happy to be back in the final...

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