28 February 2011

Taking the plunge


I've often been told I should write a tennis blog. I'm a trained journalist, one of those people who love to write and I'm a total tennis junkie. I pledge tennis insanity since 1988, when a mulleted Andre Agassi got my 13-year old heart racing. By the time Monica Seles shrieked her way to the French Open title in 1990, I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2011, and as I just watched Andre play Pete Sampras and am reading Pete's autobiography, I feel like it may be time to start having something to show for all those hours spent watching tennis.

I won't claim to be a tennis expert on anything technical - I have played since I was young and play a lot now, but I'm certain any decent tennis coach would be driven to put their head in their hands when watching my strokes.

I do, however,  have a lot of tennis history in my brain and I hope to have something interesting to say from time to time.

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions or ask questions!

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